School Visit Information:

$700/full day presentation.
Max of three presentations per day.
Presentations last approx. 45 minutes to one hour each.

Presentations vary according to the age level of the children, but will include:

  • A power point presentation, showing my back ground and why I became a children’s book illustrator.
  • The process of being an illustrator and all the steps I go through when working on a book— from first receiving the manuscript to the published book.
  • Hands on sketching, brainstorming for character and design.
  • The audience will be shown original sketches and tools used when creating the art for a book.
  • There will be plenty of time for question and answers and if time allows I will read one of my books.

Materials needed from the school:

  • A laptop with USB port and a digital projector, screen and a microphone.
  • A long table for my books and materials.
  • Easel

Extra expenses:
Travel and hotel expenses will be added if traveling further than two hours from my home state, New Jersey.

Illustrator Workshops:

$700 for a full-day workshop or up to three workshops in one day, lasting approx. 45 to 60 minutes each. Price for extended workshops are negotiable. (Workshops can last from a full day to a few weeks).

This is a great introduction for hands-on book projects the class might be doing with their teacher. Students will learn how to illustrate their own books, from the printed text to the finished art.

  • Students will learn about manuscripts and storyboards.
  • They will make a book dummy and create one piece of finished art. 
  • For a shorter workshop, students will work on a one-page design, such as a cover or book interior or magazine illustration.
  • Students will learn that being an illustrator is being part of a publishing team, and the importance of being flexible and a team player.
  • Students will learn the importance of deadlines and to plan ahead to finish their project.

Drawing and Painting workshops are also available for adults and children. Contact Lena or call: (908) 782-6954 for more details.