Playdates and Other Tales
AK Classics 2009

Ocean Waves and Other Tales
AK classics 2007

The Kids at Our House, 2006

Coralito's Bay
Monterey Bay Sanctuary 2004

Second chance for Tina
Scholastic, 2001

Swimming with Dolphins
Scholastic, 1999

Living with Bats
Scholastic, 1998

Listening to Whales Sing
Scholastic, 1996

Our Garden in the Yard
Scholastic 1995

First Grade King
Clarion 1994

Dancing with Manatees
Scholastic 1994

Arielle's Hannukah Surprise
Scholastic 1992

First Book of Words
Scholastic 1992

First Book of Questions
Scholastic 1991

Keeping a Christmas Secret
Atheneum 1989

Boy Toy
Lollipop Power Books 1988


Baby Blue
Ladybug magazine August 2007

What is so Dandy
About the Dandelion?
Ladybug magazine June 2006

Robbie Forrest and the Wagon
from Little Oklawaha
Ladybug magazine April 2004

A Dragonfly Nymph Grows Up
Ladybug Magazine August 2002

My Shadow
Ladybug Magazine February 2001

Where Do Puddles Go?
Ladybug Magazine March 2000

Under the Snow
Ladybug Magazine Janurary1999

Cover of Ladybug Magazine August 1999

Whose Garden is it?
Ladybug Magazine August 1999

Cricket Magazine May 1998

Hitch a Ride, Ladybug Magazine May 1998

My Ball, Babybug Magazine, 1998

I had a Little Pony, Babybug 1998

Stephanie and the Worm
Ladybug April 1997

Baby Blue, Ladybug May 1997